Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cry wolf for change!

Just after the first quarter of the year 2014, we in India did cry wolf for ample good reason. Apparently the environment would change, although we are still to see that change in our daily lives.
Crying wolf may have become a practice well entrenched in our minds, for we do cry wolf every time, things happen to us, which we don’t like, but then, having done with crying, we settle down to accept the things we can’t change now, and begin to plan on the next round of howlers that might make us cry wolf again.

Indeed, wolves are associated with fear because we have not forgotten our childhood tales like “Little Red Riding Hood” where the wicked wolf sat in grandma’s clothing to eat Red Riding Hood. And therefore we cried wolf early 2014 too.

What we may not know about wolves is - How Wolves Changed Rivers and lives and the environment.

Now watch this fascinating video!

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