Sunday, December 02, 2018

Dear Shri Suresh Prabhu, Honourable Railway Minister

Shri Suresh Prabhu
Honarable Railway Minister
Rail Bhavan
256-A, Raisina Road,
Rajpath Area, Central Secretariat,
New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Subject: Complaint against Ticket Collector (TC) on duty in First Class Compartment of August Kranti from Mumbai Central to H. Nizamuddin, Delhi on 1st December, 2018

Dear Sri Suresh Prabhu,

I travelled from Mumbai Central, Mumbai to H.Nizamuddin on a 1st Class PNR no: 8433992200 on 1st December, 2018 arriving Delhi 2nd December, 2018.

There were four berths in my 1st Class coupe, of which I occupied berth number 21, Compartment H, Coupe H 1. After Surat, I found that the TC, named Mohan M. Sakelu, CIT/BET, Mobile number: 09422668524, 09004497554. had permitted 4 (four) drunken men into the compartment and into my coupe who had no tickets. 

I am a single woman travelling alone in that coupe. I was startled when the four inebriated men in their twenties began to address me.

-          We are like your children.
-          We are Agarwal boys
-          We are Brahman boys
-          We will do seva to you
-          May we press your feet?

My alarm bells rang at their intrusion and the vulgar speech to an unknown woman. I raised alarm and demanded to see the TC. When he came in, I, in no uncertain terms I told him that it is absolutely unacceptable that he should have allowed these drunken men inside the 1st Class Compartment and also that at that time of their entry into my coupe, I was the only woman there. I ordered him to give me his details and also to throw these men out of the coupe.

He requested them to leave the coupe after they had had their dinner and go to the 2nd Class AC Compartment, but in the morning I noticed that the men were still in the same class but in a different coupe.

My question to you, Shri Suresh Prabhu is: (a) How as the railway minister, are you monitoring the obvious corruption among Ticket Collectors. (b) And most importantly, what are you doing for the safety of women travelling on trains in India?

I would like to inform you that this letter to you will be widely circulated in Social Media for general awareness and warning.

Do please take this matter up seriously and respond.

Best regards,

Julia Dutta
Ticket Transaction ID: 100001512601967
PNR no: 8433992200
Train no/Name: 12953/August Kranti Rajdhani Express
Date of Journey: 01-Dec-2018 From Mumbai Central to H Nizamuddin, Delhi