Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review - 100 Paths: A Woman’s Search For God In The City

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Aekta Kapoor’s book 100 Paths: A Woman’s Search For God In The City, is an amazing account of the everyday, day to day, struggle of a single mother, who holds a full time job, a busy and full household of two kids, two dogs and a lover, who becomes a husband finally. Someone, who manages all this, in the midst of her own journey to find her spiritual self, more often than not, as lessons learnt and messages read, in every situation, no matter how hard or how funny. Hold your sides and don’t be a prude and think that it happens only to single mothers or fathers, who have dared to take the road less travelled, broken the shackles of the past and forged ahead, holding a smile on their lips and an infectious laugh at themselves. It’s about you too! Finally, was it not Osho who said, that God is found in 3 L’s - Life, Love and Laughter?

Having come out of a toxic marriage, which did not work, despite all effort, the author makes a clean break away from a chaotic mess to start the progress to self reliance and a life dependent on active faith, step by step, with family help at the start but on her own very quickly. There is no venom, regret, or feeling of remorse or self pity in any page; there is only hope and trust and enormous faith, love and joy that touch the heart of the reader as they read on. The gentle journey, often met with many challenges at home and works, is buffered by an active involvement in a 100 Paths that help on the road to self realization. And how to handle day to day challenges with a smile. Be it lines from Vedanta classes, or yoga exercises, reading or subscribing to spiritual websites like tut.com, Vipassana, the thread that binds the soul on its eternal search for answer  to the question – Who Am I and Why Am I Here, What is the purpose of my life – all seem to find their answers in the little and big miracles coming her way, every day! Miraculously, most of the author’s situations are also the reader’s!

There are 6 Larger Themes within which there are day and date wise jottings which tell a whole story in the most interesting way and leave a message at the end.  These happenings leave the reader mostly in splits, not only because of the content of the story, but also because; it is so real to life in a city. Things happening in the car park, the beauty parlour, at home, with the neighbours, the driver, the parents and the in-laws, the husband, the dogs, the plants and the trees! Just about every situation anyone may face in life in the city. And of course, much to learn from, for the path breakers, those who chose to be different and celebrate life in its vibrant and different colours!

Read it if you are spiritually inclined (Pssst! We all are, loving Souls treading our own path to enlightenment)

Read it, if you are NOT spiritually inclined – at least you can have a good laugh at mirror images of your own self in different situations which are so alike in a city.

Read it, if you are looking for that daily inspiration, on your way to work, at home or outside, which leave you with diamond like little nuggets of wisdom, you might like to reflect on or use, during the course of the day.

Simply, it’s called finding the miracle in your life, through someone else’s experience of God consciousness. It’s just another of the 100 Paths to God.

“There are a hundred paths to enlightenment and they are all correct.” The Vedas

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