Monday, June 25, 2018

Book Review - Destiny's Girl by Adite Banerjie

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Adite Banerjie’s debut Indie novel, Destiny’s Girl, is a flight of imagination that would appeal to every woman, who is fond of romantic novels, like Mills & Boon, which is built on a wild figment of imagination, mixed with large portions of love, desire, longing, and rejection, only to return back to Prince Charming in every one’s life.

Yet there is a fabulous plot built in it.

Krish is the only son of mega business tycoon, KD, the owner of DGE Group, which is in the business of hospitality. It also specializes in horticulture and the growth and export of the finest new and originally patented flowers which are grown in their hothouse. These flowers are boutique flowers and are only available with the DGE Group. 

Krish, who wants to break out on his own, has been subjugated to his father’s power and control. It is clear now, that he is on the verge of being traded as material for more wealth accumulation, when his father is about to announce the engagement between the DGE Group and Surya Mittal’s daughter Amisha, so that the two families could bring further wealth to DGE Group. Krish, has only a few hours to dismantle this plan. He must marry someone before this happens.

Come Maya, trained landscapist, working at Kavita Dayal’s Landscaping Outfit, is spotted by Krish and his loins signal that this is the girl Krish must have as his wife. She is invited to a party by DGE Group and meets Krish, whom she falls in love with. She is drawn into the plot and becomes ‘wife-in-contract-only with Krish, and must now live with him.

For Maya, it is an overwhelming condition. She has an ax to grind with Krish’s father, hence, her marriage to Krish only brings her close to her objective. The contract specifies that they will not be in each other’s arms and bed, but can that clause be maintained?

In a stunning display of mind and body entanglement, hot words and even fiery passionate love-making, Maya and Krish are going to make the reader blush and battle with emotions rising within themselves, as they read on.

Don’t miss, woman! Indulge yourself! While men may read to update themselves on what women really love when they are in bed or pursued hard to be taken to.

Well done Adite! Waiting to read your next hot stuff, with a great plot as Destiny’s Girl surely has.

About the Author: Adite Banerjie  is a journalist and lives with her husband in Delhi/NCR, India. She has been published by Harlequin/Harper Collins. She has a few books in progress and loves watching films, back-to-back. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Guest Post - Priyanka Bhatia on How Money Sets You Free

L: Praveer Shukla R: Priyanka Bhatia

‘How long can you continue to sleep with your dreams?’ - Priyanka Bhatia

In 2008, Priyanka Bhatia was a successful journalist who covered business and politics for national newswire services. But from childhood, she dreamed of starting her own business. She pioneered the first Coffee Cafe Day in NOIDA while she worked with PTI and she invested money in stocks.

While the coffee shop was profitable, she lost almost all her money in the Crash of 2008. That was a turning point and she realized that unless she skilled up she would continue to dream – she realized that most women are untrained and uneducated in entrepreneurship and stock markets. She began to skill up and learn from some of the most successful businessmen and women - [Mrs. Neeru Tiwari, a stock investor for 40 years, Mr. Gautam Gupta, who attained financial freedom thru bonds, Mr. Lalit Khorana, businessman] and intensively practiced their recommendations. She also participated in women's business programs, such as the ISB course for women entrepreneurs and the mentoring program at the internationally acclaimed Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

Satisfied with accomplishing her own goals over the years, Priyanka began to offer other women the opportunity to achieve their dreams, too.

In 2011 she started Women On Wealth for women who are passionate about getting their money life in order, and are willing to make major life changes to have their money life work - permanently.
Priyanka developed WOW Money Gym, a course that helps women to develop a wealth mindset and provide tools and structures to support them in accomplishing their goals. The program has been life-changing for women from all walks of life.

One of the best ways to create wealth and move towards financial independence is India's stock market. Learning from her setback in 2008, Priyanka has taken expert guidance from some of the most successful investors and learned how to make profits irrespective of whether the markets are up or down. She is mentored by one of India's most successful women investors, Mrs. Neeru Tiwari, and, together, they have created a program for women - "How To Pick Quality Stocks for Beginners”

A question that Priyanka asks women is, "Every morning, you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them. Which one do you want?" She and her WOW teamwork with honest and open-minded women who are passionate to get their finances in order and are willing to embrace major life changes and solutions to have a money life that works permanently. The work includes result-producing workshops, webinars, group and one-on-one training, videos and free eBooks. The Women On Wealth team's experience is that stepping out towards financial freedom and independence is a transformational act for women.