Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Wreck - dangerous dreams!

A recurring dream around one person, ails deep sleep in Ms Polly’s mind. The last time she had it, she was stretching herself over her partner to kiss someone on the other side of the bed. She had two things going in her life at that time – an overwhelming desire for the one she dreamed about and on the other hand the dawn to a new beginning was peeping out of a night of troubled sleep. When she read the dream, she was sure that it meant that she was on the verge of a new life. And indeed, it did happen, although, she was dabbed as a coward for not having the guts to actually take the bull by the horn and go, get the woman of her fatal passion.

The dream has now reoccurred again and although there are additional characters, the protagonists of the dream remain the same.

The dream reads like this. Ms Polly has returned home after a long journey. With her is a couple, one of whom she is burning her midnight sleep for. Once out of the station, they are unable to get a taxi to go further. While Ms Polly’s ‘subject of desire’, Ms Eros and Ms Polly rest in a room with another woman, Ms Eros’ partner has gone to look for a taxi. Finding themselves together, the two women pass vibrations that begin in the head and rock the muladhar chakra till a volcano erupts!

Ms Polly can hold it no longer. She strips her body from the upper half and begins to close in on Ms Eros, who is receptive but not responsive. While Ms Polly has at least let her defense down, at least by half, Ms Eros has not ventured forth to do the same. Soon however, they know they must move on, as Ms Eros’s partner has arrived with the taxi.

The two step down from the room and there, as they wait for the taxi, Ms Eros and Ms Polly engage in erotic mouth to mouth kissing this time initiated by Ms Eros herself. Indeed, the time is short, there is tension in the air as both know they must say good bye very soon, but the taste of Ms Eros’s soft, swollen lips leave a taste for more on Ms Polly’s. The taxi arrives; Ms Eros slips in with her partner and is gone.

Recurring dreams may be indicative of many things, but one can’t deny, it is certain that the dream is trying to show the dreamer two realities, or more. One, where there is smoke, there is fire. Second, there is unfulfilled desire that needs to be looked at closely. Thirdly, in both cases, of Ms Polly and Ms Eros, while the flirtation is real, each is settled in a traditional ‘partnered’ preference and therefore neither is ready to rock the boat. Fourth, had both been single, un-partnered, or at least Ms Polly the dreamer, not been in a settled relationship, would she be having such dreams in the first place?

A settled life is patriarchal in nature and yet, this is exactly how we like to see ourselves. Unless we are brave to be single – and mingle!

The question I am putting to myself – and you - is, are partnerships really worth it then? Is the human spirit free to be, and mingle around with many? Is there more to dreams than what we are willing to concede?  Is it worth allowing the boat to sink and find a new shore?

Most of all must Ms Polly stop intellectualizing and take the jump?  

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