Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why I write - Guest post on Coffeebeanzone

Dear Reader,

Does the name Roasted Coffee Bean bring back memories of haunting smell of Coffee, freshly roasted and powdered to make a divine cup of coffee?

Well, here is a refreshing Roasted Coffee Bean, at her very best.

The highly talented girl/lady has a wonderful LinkedIn profile, a somehow active Twitter she owns a very interesting and engaging blog on Wordpress. She is a lyricist, painter, photographer and writer. The lady revealeth as much as you want to discover about her.

So start your journey of a million miles, on cyberspace, with one single step.

Enjoy! Spread the word around and Share. Click on: 

And hope you will visit Roasted Coffee Bean for more Guest posts on an amazing number of people. Indeed, hang out there and have a fill of many others, she has written about. 

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