Saturday, March 15, 2014

See not; hear not; do not!

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See not; hear not; do not!

The three monkeys of the mind must of course do exactly the opposite of what they are asked not to do.

Take the example of Ms Polly Outrageous. Having lived a fairly open life, swing in the 60s and stretching it to the 90s, she has finally found her peace in a life of discipline and one-centeredness. She is presently involved with reviewing her colourful life in the past and drawing, painting and writing stories of that past. But lately, she has ventured on facebook, and the first thing that hits her is the picture of couples kissing each other, which has gone viral. Needless to say, Ms Polly Outrageous has unwittingly looked at that video with much interest. Yes, of course it is possible to kiss and even love strangers, just like it was possible and still is, to love many, like they did in the 60s. Ms Polly Outrageous is now engaged with her imagination and like a tourist in London, having left all their identity in India, may engage in indeed the very outrageous, because in London, nobody knows her, Ms Polly Outrageous is really living out her name on facebook, but with dire consequences.

Only the other night, in her dream, she has been kissing someone, trying very hard to avoid kissing the lips. Even in the dream, she is prompting herself to not venture into the absolutely real, which will then cause her to accept that the near flirtatious pastime is becoming a serious preoccupation. As long as her kisses land on cheeks, forehead and other so called safe places, at least she is ‘safe’. This, after all is not one of those nights she is alone, she knows in her dream.

All that we want, we deny first. All that shows up in the dreams is a reflection of a shade of reality, which could be exactly as the dream or something that has a hidden meaning. In the above case, at face value, Ms Polly Outrageous, is certainly flirting with an idea of including ‘someone’ else; of breaking the cast and expanding the parameters. On a deeper level, she is merely trying to ‘kiss’ something new. It might even be a new life, a new job, a new love, a new life she is seeing in the offing, with which she is toying in her mind, flirting with the idea, but not wanting to get too close to it. A deeper mouth to mouth kiss would shift the position in her mind totally.

On a philosophical level, there is too much ado about nothing! The picture of the kissing couples has excited the impressions left behind in her mind, by kisses in the past.

The real, is the experience of impressions, which in themselves are not identical in every case, even with the same thing. A kiss may cause my mind to retain some impressions which may not be identical to what is left in your mind of the same experience of kissing. Hence, the real, philosophically can only be called unreal, for impressions are not scientific residual matter that appear in the same way, every time. Yet, one cannot deny their existence, because, if they did not exist, they would not revisit.

Where psychology ends, philosophy begins. Where the desire dynamics is a source of perennial discourse, philosophy gives step-motherly treatment. Where desire is a life giving force, philosophy is quick to douse water saying, memory of impressions is not truth. Indeed, impressions are not real at all.

But the take home for Ms Polly Outrageous is only one, that being See not; hear not; do not!

Where are you?

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