Friday, September 27, 2013

Fairly, un-fair!

The Cat called consumer
Let me be fair; you can’t move ahead on this post, unless you have visited another. It would be un-fair to do so. But frankly speaking, I am fairly convinced that when you are reading my post, you must under no circumstance; visit any other post, from anyone else, from anywhere in cyberspace.

You call that un-fair? Or do you think I am a control freak?

I am neither, but this conversation with you, will remain incomplete if I do not talk about what is fair and what un-fair.

Advertisers you say, make you believe and buy what they want you to buy. Advertisers will say, they know your mind and are constantly studying it, which is why, even before your conscious mind is aware of it, bingo! What you desire is what you want. Desperately! And what you want is already presented in the form of a product!

Advertisers, not only read your mind, they make you pay to have your wants fulfilled! Now if that is not, fair and fugly, then what is?

Excuse me, not fair and ugly, fair and fugly, the former shows on your skin, so does the latter.  And that is what I call fairly, un-fair!

Advertisers will say, “It’s not our fault, can’t consumers decide what they really want?”

So go ahead, have a good laugh at what your own mind wants, every few days, reverse –forward.

Darn! These seedy guys!

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