Monday, September 02, 2013

Last few days only! Download FREE! Laughing Stock Productions

Weekends are for love! @juliadutta's Laughing Stock Productions read it, review it, win $$$ @storycartel… #FREE

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's Laughing Stock Productions read it, review it, win $$$

(1) My publisher says: "My publisher says, " Get a taste of #India in @juliadutta's Laughing Stock Productions read it, review it, win $$$ @storycartel … … Huh!!!

(2) Just received on email: I downloaded and read the first story on the computer. Will leave the next till later... bedtime treat maybe. So well done... good stories with references to places and people I recognize!
Lots of love Jillix from Cornwall, England.

(3) Just received from publisher a delightful note:

We at XYNOBOOKS want to let you know that we appreciate your participation in the pre-launch of Julia Dutta's wonderful new novel Laughing Stock Productions.

Recently, one of our eagle-eyed readers spotted some typographical mistakes in the drafts available on StoryCartel. We quickly put Inspector Sawant on the case, and we've uploaded an updated version of the book. Please, take the opportunity to download a fresh copy, and accept our apologies. We hope this hasn't detracted from your enjoyment of Julia's novel.

As always, should you have any issues with any of our books, contact us at this email address, ( ) , and Inspector Sawant will go to work.
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Read 's Laughing Stock Productions for free on & then review it on Amazon:

For those who do not possess a Kindle, Download Free Kindle apps from on your computer and then proceed to download Free Laughing Stock Productions.

Here is the link to Free Kindle download to your computer.

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