Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kolkata College Street and elsewhere (Photo Blog)

......inside the Tram


flygye12 said...

Hey ! you're back in Cal. isn't it fun,College Street. Just looking at all those books mera khoon ek litre badha deta hai
unfortunately the only time i visited it was during Pujo time :( it was closed.
its my favourite city in India, even more than Delhi....only i wish they hadn't changed the name. what's the harm in having an english one and a bengali one?

flygye12 said...

ps: write more often please. what's up btw?

Amrita said...

Hi Julia.

Right in the middle of busy Kolkata.

Great photos.

How are you doing?

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
I am fine and hope the same is with you:)))

Loved your photograph Amrita. Its so kool and trendy - the revival of the black and white photographs

Julia Dutta said...

Hiya! Thanks for visiting and your comment. I try to keep up with the writing but am sort of in the middle of many changes:))))

See you soon,