Sunday, April 12, 2009

College Street Coffee House

On Sunday 12 April, 2009, the famous College Street Coffee House opened after being closed for six months for renovations.

Albert Hall – which is the other name for the College Street Coffee House – was set up by the Coffee Board in the early 1930s, but had decided to close it in 1958 and retrench staff. It created such a furore that the then CM of Bengal – Dr Bidhan Roy stepped in and the Albert Hall workers, under his guidance formed a cooperative and started to manage the College Street Coffee House themselves.

This year the Coffee House, the intellectual hub and adda of anyone worth his intellectual salt, in Kolkata celebrates its Golden Jublee.

There is a brand new look and the old dirty walls have been washed and cleaned and have been given a lively-yellow. There are frescos and terra-cotta tiles on the walls and arty lampshades and in spite of the new look, the old has still been maintained.

Poets, writers, economists, CMs and all are regulars here.

And now, having visited this post – so are you, dear Readers!

NB: Landmark just ahead of Coffee House

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