Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor, Heal Thyself

Thank God it’s coming finally!

Doctors will soon get a template for treatment as the Union ministry of health and family welfare has begun drafting a set of standard treatment guidelines (STG) at the national level in an attempt to bring uniformity in medical care across the country.

Among other crucial directives, it will tell doctors which drugs to prescribe and which not to for various diseases. And in a bold move, it will recommend that doctors follow a line of treatment that doesn't involve prescribing drugs when medication is unnecessary. Or definitely too expensive when cheaper varieties, which guarantee the same results, are available.

In India, Doctors have been misusing their power over the patient starting from simple remedies to complicated ones.

As soon as a patient arrives at a Clinic, the Doctor’s mind begins to tick away as to how much monies can be extracted from the patient. By way of exorbitant fees, expensive prescriptions, unnecessary tests, hospitalization and ad-on. Patients are paranoid to visit Doctors. Add to that the regular practice – instilling fear in the minds of the patients, so that he never goes against the will of the Doctor. You never know, it might be a dangerous disease cropping up…it could be anything….etc, etc. Basically, unethical practices that go against the Hippocratic oath.

Indeed, most Doctors have become more diseased than the patients, with a virus, which has no cure - greed!

It is time the government woke up to the horrors of these ill practices.

Naturally, many of us have turned to the alternative medicine. While, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Colour Therapy, even Reiki, is practiced as an alternative, one that is making headlines is Ayurvedic medicine. Yet again there is a danger. All and everyone seem to be selling Ayurvedic medicines. And nobody tells you the truth, because perhaps they themselves do not know. Mercury, which is one of the components of some Ayurvedic drugs, if not used in the correct measure can leave residue in your kidneys. This will cause further problems in the long run. No body tells you that if you take any drugs, Ayurvedic or allopathic, it is imperative to drink more water, in order that your system can flush out any residue from these drugs.

I prefer to stay with Himalaya Drug Company, whose research methodology I know and whose medicines I have tried and found effective. Plus, they lend themselves to free consultation. Or go to an Ayurvedic doctor, who has a Degree under his arm and whose Certificate I can see framed and hung on his Clinic wall. A Ramdev Baba will not do for me, thank you.

Unless a disease is hereditary by nature, diet, exercise and a few other small things can manage the disease simply. One and a half litre of water, consumed within the first two hours and before breakfast, every day, does a fine cleansing job. If the water is luke warm, even better. I, shuddered at the thought of drinking almost two litres of water, first thing in the morning, but after seven months of doing so, I can vouch for it. It is perhaps the most natural way to get rid of toxins in our body. We all know it is not only the virus outside that causes diseases, quite often it is the toxins inside which needs to get flushed out too. Or else, we might breaks into diseases.

Until 1989, I used to smoke forty cigarettes a day. After a great struggle, to quit smoking, I finally did it. Naturally, when I completed a year of no smoking, I was thrilled. But my joy was short lived, when I was told that the amount of toxins accumulated in my body over the last so many years of smoking, would take twenty years to actually get flushed out of my system. Only then could I say, that I was nicotine free!

Toxins not only flow in our blood, but they lodge themselves in our tissues as well. Hence, if the blood is cleaned, then the toxins come out from the tissues and flow into the bloodstream and get flushed out. This is a continuous process. Why not help the system then – Drink water! Abundantly!

Most of what we learn from outside is already available to us. Or we already know about it. Sample this one –

This Tibetan detox tip, for any exercise that draws a sweat, is so deeply rooted in common sense you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it yourself. You’ll be way ahead of the game in trying to rid your body of all the pollution we live with just by adding these two simple steps to your normal workout.

Rub sesame oil into the skin before exercise.

Following exercise, before showering, rub your skin with a lentil or chickpea flour to pull out the toxins that get attracted into the oil from the exercise. Shower as normal.( Health and Green Living
http://www.care2.com/greenliving/tibetan-detox-tip-exercise.html )

Frankly, I could have slapped myself! This is exactly what I do when I have an oil bath or have a good message by the local malishwali!

Don’t you too?

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Outlook Magazine August 25, 2008

Himalaya Drug Company

Note: The views expressed here are the authors only. They in no way suggest any treatment. Just what has worked for her.


Amrita said...

I drink about 3 glasses of H2O first thing in the am and have a teaspoonful of Thriphala. Its good.

Are on to Bigg Boss 2. The last one vas trashy, don 't kno vot this one has in store.I"m not hooked

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
I have no idea about Bigg Boss 2 but I am sure it is an engaging Reality Show. Pity, Jude Goody, who the desis call the English version of Rakhi Sawant had to leave....
I am a very boring person. I am addicted to New Channels only - NDTV and Ibn :(

Ash said...

Good to learn this

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, check out this blog...a Brit living in Bangalore http://india-in-my-nightie.blogspot.com/

Have a good weekend

Paul Nixon said...

Julia, thanks for commenting on my blog. I must give Amrita her referral fee.

This is an interesting and well-written post. I shudder to think about the amount of monmey I've given to the medical profession in Bangalore. With two children born in hospitals here, and my son who then spent a further month in NICU, it adds up to lakhs. Nevertheless, you can't put a price on health and as a non-medical professional myself, I often find myself often going against gut instinct and trusting to what a medical professional tells me. There is little other option really.

Two other observations on what you wrote:

1. Yep, I got to the stage where I was drinking five litres a day - but we're an offcie of 20 people and one toilet. In the end I think I got more exercise than I need just walking from my desk to the loo. I'm back to a litre a day...

2. Twenty years to get rid of the toxins caused by cigarettes! I think I'll just continue feeding my occasional nicotine habit.


Julia Dutta said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment especially on the drinking water and the cigarettes! hahaha! What a funny chap you are! But, I'll say, one litre for a hot country like India is not enough. You just must increase it to more - :)

Amrita said...

Oh Chailey, I am waiting for my referral fee. My goodness I am going to advertise your blog far and wide...(smiling and laughing)

Amrita said...

I just watch Bigg Boss for the sake of Jade Goody, i know its a complete waste of time....just trash. I too love watching news channels and discussion shows. But you know Cyrus Barucha 's The week that wasn 't is a real laugh

Julia Dutta said...

Oh Amrita Cyrus Barucha 's I LOVE in cap letters. He is just too good! bagful of laughs really!
Hope Paul will put the money where his mouth is!!! Hahaha!

Paul Nixon said...

Ah yes, the referral fee. What's the going rate these days? Is it up to ten rupees yet?

Moving on... ;)

Julia Dutta said...

That's a negotiation you will have to do with Amrita now!!