Sunday, January 24, 2016

Killing Me Sweetly!

The neighbourhood “kiranawala” or your  Departmental Stores from which we buy our daily food and beverages needs, is a storehouse of information. I, for one never miss a conversation with the neighbourhood kiranawala near my house. The talks vary, from food to spirituality, if the senior fellow is around, but with his younger one, who rarely can look up from #WhatApp, the conversation is short and crisp.

“I am looking for stuff without sugar, sweeteners and …” I started but was cut short by his curt response. Looking at me with a sneer, he said,

“Well then, you can’t buy anything! Even bread – plain bread, has added sugar in it!”

I must confess, dear reader, I am a bit obsessed with Sugar, blood sugar I mean. My maternal grandmother had it, which she inherited from her mother and passed it generously to almost all of her children. My mother was the worst hit – she was Type I, that is to say, she developed Diabetes as a young adult, and it finally took her life, although she was so disciplined and followed all the rules and dietary regulations throughout her life. I was the second born, the first, having died in her womb from sweet (Blood Sugar) poisoning. I have inherited from my mother, her discipline with food and knowledge on the subject of diabetes, because I was often with her when she checked up with Doctors.

One thing is very clear, that from the last few decades, industry, food, pharmaceutical and medical, have been in the Unholy Trinity of scoundrels aiming to kill masses sweetly and making huge profits before they do it.

Think: If everything has sugar in it, then, how much sucrose/dextrose will your body be able to absorb?  It perhaps needs only 120 gms maximum per day. So where is the rest going to go? They will run around in your blood quite naturally!

Think:  If sugar, sucrose/dextrose comes from refined sugar and carbohydrates, how much harder the body must work to break down carbohydrates and sugar, so that they can be used for energy.

Think:  If food industry works to increase the level of sugar in your blood, will not pharmaceutical companies join hands to help you manage the excess in your blood? And if they manufacture, it is because these drugs are in demand from the medical fraternity. Hence, it has been a successful threesome marriage that has lasted for decades now. Not to mention though, that there are drugs which may help cure one thing, while as a side effect increase sugar level in your blood.

Think:  At one time, Fasting Blood Sugar, which meant, you tested your blood for sugar, without drinking any liquid in the morning, used to be 80 – 120mg/dl, while postprandial (PP) which is tested 2 hours after meals, as recommended by The American Diabetes Association, postprandial glucose level under 180 mg/dl and a preprandial plasma glucose between 70–130 mg/dl, was the norm. But now, the numbers have been brought down to:  70 – 110mg/dl for fasting BS and 80 – 130mg/dl for postprandial.

Result? Almost everyone has diabetes when blood is tested! WHO has predicted that the estimated count in India alone of diabetics is as follows:  Year 2000: 31,705,000; Year 2030: 79,441,000 (See below for WHO Source) Doctors are trained not to talk of dietary control only; it is their profession to administer drugs and then talk of diet. Hence, even if the pancreatic glands are doing their job, pumping in insulin into the body, which breaks down the sugar to sucrose and dextrose which can be absorbed by the body, they will stop to produce the hormone, once it is coming into the body externally. The brain will signal off the production of insulin by the pancreatic gland. Voila! Work done! One more will willy-nilly become a diabetic.

Logic: Morphine addicts have given common man a clue to what happens inside the body, when, morphine, which is produced normally by the body in small quantities, is injected from an external source. The body stops to manufacture morphine, because, only a little is required daily by the body, which it produces. However, on receiving it externally, the body, in time grows tolerant to the external feed and craves more, to bring in the same result, which is called “tolerance” to a drug. Apply the same to insulin and the result is the same. So now, the patient first requires the drug to control the sugar, then the body develops tolerance to that drug and the doctor prescribes another drug; the patient responds, but gets tolerant to that drug too and finally insulin is injected to achieve the same result. The end is near, but the treatment has taken a long cycle, filling the coffers of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Think: Isn’t it time to take our health in our hands? It does not take much medical consultation at all, only mining up grandmother’s kitchen, mid-safe recipe to good health, relying on natural foods, nature cure, as taught by qualified and passionate people, like Gandhi ji’s Nature Cure (See references below) to take our bodies in our hands.

It is a fundamental right that I OWN the RIGHT to my body and what I WANT you to do to it.
So stop killing me sweetly, Medicine men and women! And driven by greed industry! You are playing a deadly song!


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