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The English Papers V - God Save The Queen!

The day Jilli came home looking devastated; I knew something was terribly wrong.

“He has ruined the entire apple orchard with RoundUp, which I warned him against. The apple orchard with sixty trees in full bloom, are finished for this season. I shan't be able to use them at all!” She said with indignation.

Indeed, the pictures in her camera proved what she meant.

The farmer just about half a kilometer away from her house was a source of eggs for us, at £1 for 6 hens eggs and £1.20 for 6 duck eggs, but with the RoundUp, we were now reluctant to buy from him, because, despite warnings, he had done the RoundUp thing and we certainly felt that if the chicken were feeding on the land, then, their eggs would be dangerous for human consumption, no matter what Monsanto said.  

“It now proves that if I want to grow organic apples, I must own my own land.” Said Jilli.

Acres upon acres of land lie in silent pondering, with only cows and sheep to talk to. They have a tale of sadness to tell. With not a farmer’s plough to toss and turn the soil, England’s landscape remains an idle waste like a damsel all dressed up and nowhere to go.

So what do you do when you inherit money in England? It is wise to buy land because in a country where the interest rates are 0.03 percent, for pounds in the account and by smart investing you might get 3% over time, it is best to use the money in other ways than let it sit in your bank account. But then, there it is once again, sitting pretty, with nowhere to go, oh oh!

But then, you may not have the money to look after the land. Buying is easy and a one time affair as most Sales people will tell you, it is the maintenance that is what you pay over your lifetime or as long as you have the land or property with you. 

However, you may decide to prove smarter by investing the money in a business like a Pub. But you might have to work sixteen hours in it, for profits.

The English are very hard working people. And if one is slogging away at the Pub, then someone else is pushing himself on the ship at Mousehole, and of course, others are not really honeymooning, staring at the moon. Except sometimes.  

Yet, you can’t say, there is a degree of dissatisfaction. They love it, going that extra mile to make life the best they can ever have. Although at the end of the day, they may all be lying on a tired pillow.

Said a friend in Hull, “The English are hard working because they have to be so; the economy makes them such. On the one hand you have people from other EU countries coming to England to have babies so that they can benefit from our Social Security and Health Benefit Schemes and on the other, you have people who can’t find jobs!”

Of course nobody tells you that if people came from other poorer EU countries to take advantage of the situation in England, the English could jolly well go to Germany and do the same. But, they are English. Precisely, why they won’t!

We now know that Lords and Ladies are selling off their inheritance because they can’t maintain it. The awesome story of land at The Fells in the beautiful Lake District of England going out to Lakshmi Mittal, steel baron of Indian origin, is worrisome for the English, I would imagine, as even the bid by local bodies to keep their own land failed. In India, The Times Of India, Ludhiana, reports -

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal's bid for the 2,850ft-high Blencathra Mountain has left residents feel both proud and inquisitive. While they are elated that Mittal has achieved the unthinkable, they wonder what he is going to do with this iconic mountain.

This mountain was put on the market by Earl of Lonsdale Hugh Lowther in May, with a 1.75 million pounds asking price.” (Ref:

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Who in India would sell inheritance, may I ask? It is an heirloom we would never part with, unless forced by circumstances to. Perhaps the plight of the Earl of Lonsdale Hugh Lowther, is indicative of the state of England, they would hate to admit to themselves. And with headcounts increasing from all over poorer nations of EU, who have willy-nilly found their way to the once Great Britain, the government has more in its mouth than it can chew.   

God Save the Queen!

Sri Lanka who had earlier banned RoundUp, caves in to ‘restrict’ use.

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed here are purely the author's, Julia Dutta 

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