Thursday, June 26, 2014

The English Papers II

Suzie with Elise
Suzie is a store house of energy, just like her mother, my friend Jill, about whom you have read in The English Letter I. Suzie is sprightly, tall, very slim and trim and almost a replica of Princess Diana,

She has been totally adventurous and has lived and run businesses in England, Spain and perhaps many other countries.

When the dating agency came across her and her now, going to be her legally wedded husband, Mark, they immediately put the two together, because, they thought Suzie and Mark made such a good pair. Both have been married before and both have children from previous marriages. The delightful, teenagers, are bonded in a family they share with both their parents.

But, Suzie and Mark have Elise, who is now preparing to be married, on the same day as her parents. And I have seen Elise, take to the toilet paper spine and deck it up with a long veil, made of toilet paper. Such an amusing dear!

Of course Mark and Suzie argue about everything, from UKIP, to French Front National and if you enter their home, you will see the symbols one on top of the other, to show, who is in power at home. Let me explain this frequently changes as the argument reaches a hilt and little Elise must come in between and order – “Stop Arguing!”

Mark, who has lived and worked in Australia, once again running a surfing school, is very sporty and he along with Suzie will be bringing in children from Spain, to learn surfing in the sea. Wow!

Mark’s parents are the dear couple who live at Hereford, on your way to The Lakes, on the A30.I loved them both, Mike whom I call an MCP and Ann Eley, are unforgettable to me. Ann is quiet and meditative and very tender and sweet, while Mike never spares a moment to poke a joke like an MCP (Male Chauvinistic Pig, pardon the use of terrible language!) I don't think he means it at all, but it was wonderful to re-visit my youthful days and place my hands on my waist and reprimand - Now, Now Mark, watch your step! But, I can tell you he was a fine gentleman himself and very chivalrous. Like a good old gentleman from the old days, he chaperoned the two lost ladies, which is me and Jill and drove almost 45 minutes to get us to the The Malvern Flower Show! Now that counts, big time!

At The Lakes, squeezed inside the car, my not so slim bottoms, edged to the door, at the back. I said, quite enthusiastically to Suzie, “I think Mark is a lovely man! I wish you both a very happy wedded life.”

Gracious as she is, she said thank you and then whispered, “Mum doesn't like him as much as I do!”

“Oh bugger! She is only jealous!” I laughed. The first of her three children, Suzie means a lot to Jill.

We laughed and she added, “But they get along well together, if I am not there!”

There! I said to myself. Mothers are always fond of their son-in-laws, behind the daughter’s back!
That is cheating, isn't it?

But Mark is a darling and both he and Suzie are very busy people. I can say that for sure, the British are very hard working people and their day may start at 7 am and end not before 10 pm. That is a lot! 

After the little gossip, she turned to me and said, “So how are you and Kanchi?”

It was a defining moment in my life and I knew that Suzie would always have a special place in my heart, just because, she touched a very intimate part of my life – my life with my partner, whom she called by her pet name. 

I am absolutely in awe with Suzie's courage and conviction in herself, the man she loved devotedly and the way they have both made space for all their children, his and hers, to bond and stay together.

It really is an amazing quality, I most admire.

A very international family, Suzie with kids:

And here is the very adventurous couple, Mark and Suzie

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