Monday, January 20, 2014

A resting place for the P!

India, last week must be scrutinized with even-mindedness.

To begin with, let us dwell on the video below, where, three leaders from different religious bodies have spoken on same sex love. Please to note, Ramdev baba who apparently has a cure for homosexuality, is represented by the lady, who supports his magic yogic remedy. According to her, engagement in same sex activity is counter productive for future generations. After all, sexual activity, is supposed to have an end in mind, that being procreation.

Our Mulla ji, supports her views and reiterates that since, it is not allowed in the Quran, it must be banned. Not only that, all homosexuals must be stoned to death.

Most interesting however is the view of our Father, who while stating that the church certainly does not permit such acts, considers that in future it might re-look at homosexuality and consider making some changes in its rigid attitude towards it. He supports the doing away of Section 377, IPC, in India, Thank you! But then, returning to what the Bible states as God made man for women, he refers to the male sexual organ and goes on to state, ‘there is a purpose for which these organs are made. It must find its place to rest in…’ meaning the vagina.

In the light of the above, let us now deviate from homosexual expression of love to the normative, hetero-sexual one. Two incidents that marred last week, were, the gang rape of the Danish tourist lady, in broad day light, which has shocked the world once again, making India, one of the most unsafe place to visit.

The lady had lost her way to her hotel in Paharganj, very near the New Delhi Railway Station. Having asked a boy to show her the way, she was misguided to a gang of men, drunk and drugged and instead of helping her, they gang raped her over nine times, leaving her shattered and abused. The Delhi Chief Minister, blamed drugs and drinks for these heinous acts, while the Danish lady fled back to the safety to her country.

The question I am asking you, dear religious leaders, will you say that this dastardly act happened because, the penis, must find its resting place? 

Take the second instance, the very recent death of the high profile wife of the Minister of state, in government of India. (see Link below), If the accusations are to be held true, for now Twitter must first hand over the IMs that went between the minister and his beloved, the Pakistani journalist, are we to again say that whether it be a male god, a politician, a high profile journalist, or some addicts and drunkards, we are to make a special concession, for the penis must find its resting place in the vagina of a woman?

In a news item, on page 28, of The Times of India, dated Sunday, January 19, 2014, titled, ‘In 2 years, ex-pope defrocked 400 priests for abuse’, (see Link below), it is clear that sexual abuse was and is rampant in the Church as ex-pope Benedict XVI states. Let us please NOT forget that the ex-pope had renounced his position because he declared that he could no longer lie that he was gay. Are we to say, that he was excommunicated because, his, could not find its resting place, as directed by god and other religious leaders?

Indeed, to draw religious leaders, religion into bedrooms, is insane! If they must pervade in our acts in the privacy of our homes, then they have lost their place under the sun. The purpose of religion is not to address our erotic and romantic inclinations and make preposterous statements about what the organ hanging between the legs must do or not do; indeed, theirs is a limited scope, that being, addressing the ‘spirit’, the ‘atman’, the ‘rabbah’ who resides within.

Do you see any merit in voices that talk because they need to voice their ignorance and intolerance? Indeed, they must first look at their own homes, their own blood and flesh and see why they insist on voicing their thoughts around subjects for which their opinions do not matter to us. They, people joining religious bodies in order to carry out religious activities, serve only as a section of society which can best be called a minority, for only a small percentage of human population, chooses to lead a life that is not normative.

What then are the Freudian connections between religion and sex? Why are they so obsessed about talking about sex? Is it trying to address their own need to find a resting place for their P?

If you ask me, what the connection is, between religion and the P, I would undoubtedly say, it lies right there, in the scriptures itself.

R. I. P

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