Thursday, August 30, 2012

Small is, the bigger picture

...thus pondered I

A raindrop hang

From the red roof

Waiting its turn to fall

And splash

In the puddle


The puddle swells

And looks around to find

The small nalluh it can squeeze into


The nullah yearns to offload

Its burden to the larger one

While the later aches to join the stream

The stream, the river

And the river to flow into the sea

It starts with a drop

But soon becomes the sea

A grain of sand is the whole beach

Like a drop of water, the sea


Small, is and always will be

The bigger picture

                                                                                  © Julia Dutta


The ego is the doer, the receiver, the enjoyer of the world. Depending on its evolution, it is seen by others as big or small. But whenever, it looks at itself, like a mirror facing another mirror, both reflecting each other at infinity, it always is lost in the greatness of itself.

Before, we begin to admire others, we admire ourselves. The face that we see most is ours on the mirror. It is only with the same eyes, so trained to look at our own selves in the mirror, that we view others with our eyes. The other reflects the reality in our eyes. The impressions formed are already coloured, because, the first impressions were that of our own selves, and then the world, the other, is but an impression, formed out of the original one. It is tainted thus.

But what is the truth is that unless, there was Light beyond ourselves, we could not have even seen ourselves on the mirror. In fact, the objects of the world are visible because there is light. Similarly, without the Light, it is not possible to see ourselves. When the Light reflects on the ego, small or big, it becomes visible to the onlooker. And if the ego were not to be there, then there would not be any reflection. And no matter how many mirrors were put before it, there would be no face, no impression, nothing to reflect back. The mirror would be empty, because, the object, ego was not there to reflect it on the mirror.

There is a longing in the heart of the drop of water, hanging on the rooftop, waiting for its moment to fall and splash into the puddle. But it needs to accumulate enough momentum to fall. There is a longing of the puddle to mingle with the small nullah, which in turn needs to off load into the river and the river into the sea.

No matter how small or big the ego is, it is only an illusion that it is the doer, receiver and the enjoyer of the world. Because, without the Light it cannot even see itself; it reflects nothing. Like a drop waiting on the roof top to drop, it hangs around only as long as we do not see the larger picture.

Small is, the bigger picture.

Picture credit: From the net


Unknown said...

Dear Julia,

Very well written. Loved the flow and the fall~

Julia Dutta said...

Thanks Ghazala. How wonderful to see you on blogger! Welcome to a professional blog! Unlike our Sulekha mess!