Monday, June 14, 2010

Naldehra - Shimla's Emerald beauty

The last Viceroy of India, the controversial figure, Lord Curzon may well be remembered for this beauty he discovered only 20 km away from Shimla – Naldehra. It was the end of the nineteenth century when Lord Curzon discovered this place and fell head over heels for the place. In fact, it is said that he would abandon the Viceroy’s Lodge in Summer Hill, Shimla and disappear for days to Naldehra, communicating and controlling his office by messages and heliograph.

The central attraction of Naldehra is the lush green Golf Course with 68 courses and 9 holes, the layout of which was suggested by Lord Curzon himself. The course is surrounded by wooded forests and the wide view is simply spectacular!

Lord Curzon was so besotted with the place that he named his youngest daughter Alexandra ‘Naldehra’ as her middle name.

Naldehra with her pristine beauty is not over populated with human beings. Except for the horses, their care takers, the Guides who wish to show you around, the transit visitors, normally speaking the place is just an enormous emerald green patch on earth. To reach there, the closest place (10 kms away) is Masobra, which is fast losing itself to become an extension of Shimla. It is only a matter of time therefore, that the emerald green muse of Lord Curzon’s life, will turn to patches of grey ugly buildings.

It is always best to walk around the mountain in Naldehra, in a circular movement around the Golf Course instead of talking a horse, on two grounds – animal consciousness as well as experiencing a lovely long walk around the mountain and doing a little steep climbing too.

HPTDC has its hotel in Naldehra – The Golf Glade (Tel: 0177-2747809, 2747739, Email:; Price: Rs 1600 – 6500 plus taxes)

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