Friday, May 21, 2010

Chail: Is the Maharaja monkeying around still?

Monkeying around Chail at The Palace Hotel is more of an entertainment than walking around the hotel and its lawns lost in the reverie of a passionate maharaja – the then Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh (1900 – 1938), whose taste for English women, lead him to some trouble with the then Commander-in-Chief, Lord Kitchener.

The Maharaja’s appetite for beautiful women caused him to fall in love with the with Lord Kitchener’s daughter, an act that was not easily digested by the Commander-in-Chief. He barred the Maharajah from entering Shimla, where his daughter lived with him, only to see that the Maharajah was far more ardent a lover than he a protective father. The Maharaja was not used to accepting no.

Chail and the Palace there were created in his pursuance of this love, which he then of course won!

I had been fascinated with this story for a long time: what romance must it had been!

The Palace which has now been taken over by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Corporation, is maintained well and lends the visitor with the sight and feel of old time grandeur, but the plush lawns are what takes the breath away in more ways than one – could the Maharaja of Patiala, still be monkeying around?


Anu said...

very interesting... loved the idea of the raja 'monkeying around' even now.... with our indian ideas of reincarnation , i guess its very much possible!!

Julia Dutta said...

Thanks Anu! Why not?

Mridula said...

I have been to Chail but did not see the palace and did not stay there. For your account it sounds like a beautiful place!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Mridula,

Yes, it is quite nice and royal the palace, but not a must see!

Amrita said...

Great photos and the story of the Maharaja 's romantic escapades. Sounds like perfect material for a Bollywood flick.

Julia you are such a gifted and acomplished writer, you should retell the Maharaja' s tale in a novel and I am sure it will be on the best sller 's list.

My godness look at those monkeys romping around. Hope they don' t scare the hotel guests.

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,

What to say!! At least the Maharaja is monkeying around. My own crazy love-life would make a better best-seller!!!
Thank the Lord for holding back my pen on that score! ha! Ha! ha!

Amrita said...

Hi Julia,come on let 's haqve your autobiography.

I will post another video by Dr Ravi - Its called - The Perception of eauty.

His books are great too.

Durgasankar Mandal said...

what a word, "better best seller"! Liked the humor in it so much

Julia Dutta said...


Hush! Or the world will have to wear a veil in shame!!!

You are such and inspiration and an encouragement for me !!
Thanks God send!


Julia Dutta said...


Thanks! But what about my writing on the post.


Durgasankar Mandal said...

Well Julia, This Maharaja was known for many more things than just sexual adventures :).

I remember of having read about him a long time ago - he was the man than felt slighted by the Rolls Royce car company's refusal to sell him any more car - he retaliated by using his old Rolls for hauling cow dung and filth! which was instantly recognized by the brits and ended up having the company agreeing him to sell more of the fabled Rolls.

He was pioneer in many other things in his rather short life! I feel the "Monkeying around" phrase though aimed at being humorous ended up being rather irrelevant.

Julia Dutta said...

Thanks Durga for that input. Really enjoyed it