Friday, December 04, 2009

India - The Good Earth

The colours, vibrancy, moods and diversity of India makes me love her with passionate obsession of a lover whose very life depends on the fervent expression of his love to his beloved, in many ways, physically, emotionally spiritually. As if he were lost and totally given to the passion burning in his heart and soul, his groins and his brain.

India is this and much more to me.

I often wonder, why I choose to be born in India and not in England? Why in India and not in Tibet? For all these countries, have, also been my home in some life or the other. I know it in my veins and when the words arise from my being, I know, I am not only an Indian but many countries in one.

Yet, it gives me pride to say, I am Indian. And my thirst is quenched, when her earth is drenched with the torrential rain of the monsoon. These waters from the sky have another message of love for me. Like gallons of pouring emotions forever falling over parched and hungry body of desire. That is why perhaps they say, it never rains, but it pours.

So let it rain over my longing to have been on this part of the earth. This land of diversity, its peoples and its cultures, its many languages and religions which come together in a medley of all that I can ever want. And so it has been my tryst with life in India this time, a dash of joy, laughter in the air, and a bath in the same river of spirituality which has wed with the zest for life as well.

Zorba, the Buddha, a better way to mean what I stand for today – deeply entrenched in the many colours, vibrancy, moods and diversity of India and at the same time, totally detached to it too, in a spiritual way.

And now I know why I chose India to be my home.

I love the contrast, the black and white, the colour and the lack of it, the materialistic and the spiritual, the complete opposites, all in one place. It’s so enchanting, so captivating, so engrossing, this, my India.

Like a woman’s bosom, the more you nestle against it, the more she sucks you in.

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