Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rude Food @ Dus Number Market

Famished at Bhopal. Not to worry at all. Apart from being the hub for nawabi food, Bhopal's Dus number Market is the place for sinful rude street food, although the little Coffee Bar, Bake and Shake can make to really want to stay much longer inside.

But there is more to this rude food. Its street food that is popular and hot selling too. Here take a look

Address: Dus number Market, Near Dus number Bus Stand, Arera Colony, Bhopal
Getting there: From Habibgung Station: Take auto: Rs 30 or bus # 11, 2 and get off at Dus number bus stand

Closed on: Tuesdays

More pictures:


Amrita said...

Wow this is great. From the snack bar to the street.

I also enjoy both kids of food, altho health factors have to be kept in mind, I have a BP problem sucks!

Samosas are my weakness and chaat too, paani pooris specially.

My Pastor 's wife is from Bhopal, I 'll tell her about this.

Found a nice Chor Chori recipe yesterday ...wanna try it.

Amrita said...

Hope the market is not Dus Numbri

Mridula said...

So you went there! Great! It s a torture to see the food on an almost empty stomach as I have upset it and can't eat much :D

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,

Thanks for your lovely comment and the additional one - Dus numberi!! ha! ha! ha! Yes, we have to watch our health but really dus number street food is too much to resist. So is Bake & Shake. Nice place to go to just hang out of have a mad tea party romance that lasts as long as the sips do LOL

PS: Do give the Pastor's wife my email I am desperate for some English speaking crowd as well as soul-food.

Julia Dutta said...

How could I resist after your motivating post on CCD. I am sorry you have an upset tummy....are you sure you didn't travel down to Dilli haat for rude food out there in the open?
How about doing one on that Mridula - the art, the culture and the foods of India at Dilli haat, by Mridula!!

PS: Would you like to join me for a cuppa at Bake & Shake this evening :)))