Monday, June 12, 2006



Intensity is the fire that burns
From the wood of unspoken words and feelings
Arising in the heart
Powered by the inability
Of human language to describe them
I dare not say what I feel in my heart
For words can only spoil it
I dare not look at you too long
For my eyes will spell each word out loud
Deep in your eyes I have written those words
And now your heart wonders -
Unheard, your mind is held to my heart
Words, I fear will drive you away
Why must the heart find voice through words
Why must I give a language to the unspeakable
Words, I fear will drive you away
While unspoken, you are held by my heart


You, in my thought
My thought in you
Are not ours
Thought –
Moving from mind to mind
A true gypsy…
Elusive, transitory
I try to hold on to
Thoughts of you
I cannot claim
Belong to me
They are like clouds floating
In the vast sky
Rising and dying in the same moment
Elusive, transitory
I try hard not to hold on to


Slaves of our bodies
Bound by insecurities
The taste of addiction
Written compulsively in our brains
Our lethal desires
Against ourselves and others
Run wild from love to love
Acid words, foul actions
We kill; We maim; We ruin for life
Our lethal weapon
Our need to destroy
Ourselves and - the other
Begotten of man
Where is your love?

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